At MedRCM, our Human Resource section conducts widespread background checks on all new employees. Once the checks are confirmed only then the employees can access systems in our delivery centers with valid login IDs and passwords. A confidentiality agreement is signed by all employees at the time of joining the organization and employees are aware that they will be penalized for any security violation. At regular intervals, MedRCM conducts compliance training programs for all employees. This further ensures awareness and ethical work standards. By adopting the best practices approach to privacy and security, we are committed to delivering services and products that enable our clients to meet HIPAA requirements.

We have a full-time in-house information technology team that takes care of site hackers, assessing of potential threats to networks. The team ensures Physical security, network security, desktop and voice and data security.

We have a breach-proof secure work flow, where every employee login to cloud desktops via thin clients through a dedicated VPN tunnel and no data is stored on local computers/servers. A next generation firewall solution is installed on the internet gateway to monitor and block the unwanted incoming or outgoing traffic. We believe in continuous innovation and keep upgrading our systems and procedures to create best possible security.