Data Analytics

How healthcare is delivered, managed, and paid for is constantly evolving.

Changes are driven by both government regulations and increased competition and financial pressure.

To be competitive in your market, your business needs to understand the drivers of performance, the impact of quality on financial outcomes, and the impact of potential efficiency gains.


Building a data-driven organization takes more than technology. We are experts in the data and analytics needed for today's healthcare environment. We have a proven track record of helping clients develop progressive, innovative capabilities for long-term success.

We unlock the power of your data for a more comprehensive view of your patient, population, network, revenue cycle, and organizational health.

We help you connect and transform various data points into actionable insights and help you benchmark with your peers so you can make more informed decisions across your organization.

Provide usable, on-demand data across care settings

Intelligent use of your strategic data resources is critical in today’s environment. These are just a few reasons why:
  • The volume of healthcare data is growing by 48% each year.
  • Value-based reimbursement contracts will soon make up the majority of payments.
  • Federal requirements demand increasingly sophisticated health data exchange and interoperability.
Providers seeking to improve care quality, to manage population health, and to thrive in the transition to value-based care must increase their data competency.

Make wise decisions with financial analytics

Healthcare stakeholders need to predict, model, and measure best practices and optimal outcomes to facilitate better strategic and operational decisions across your organization.

Cost accounting, revenue modeling, and quality analysis correlate outcomes with profitability, helping you identify high-yield opportunities for performance improvement.

Use clinical and financial intelligence to assess risk

For providers, new payment models under value-based care reward participation in their patients’ upside and downside risks. Gain the clinical insights and business intelligence to help you answer these questions, engage your provider network, and meet quality-of-care and financial goals.

Drive your revenue cycle with data

Revenue cycle analytics use a wide range of data sources to help you make smart decisions in billing efficiencies, reimbursements, payer relations, charge monitoring, and clinical services.

We deliver timely, equitable data to help you establish benchmarks, compare performance, and justify decisions.

Interact with data discovery tools

Your data can do more than report on the past. Your healthcare data is full of insights, with the information you need to succeed in a changing healthcare landscape.

Use our interactive data visualization and discovery tools to connect large, complex, multi-structured data sets.

We help you use the data you already have to predict and discover trends and hidden patterns. Interactive business intelligence can drive performance improvement throughout your business.